Badlee Tips

Tips for Badlee

To have Badlee at you finger tips is always easy and useful, here are a few tips for you to get started and make the best out of Badlee. Know the features and how to use them.

Guidelines for Borrower

  • Post the requirement with the dates and duration for which you need the item.
  • Take a picture /video of the belonging you pickup to keep the status in record, for your reference.
  • Announce the name of the lender in the comment section.
  • Please take care of the borrowed stuff responsibly and return the same on the pre-decided date.
  • Failing to do so might result in naming and shaming of the receiver after two reminders.
  • Borrower will be liable for any damage caused to the item during its use, if the lender wants it to be fixed.

Guidelines for Lender

  • Keep everything on record. While lending your belonging to someone, please take note of their phone number and also a picture of an original photo id card.
  • Post about your shareable belongings with enough information in the description.

General Guidelines

  • Lend your belongings to only those whom you know personally.
  • Please do not post anything that might disclose a secret that you want to protect.
  • Kindly, refrain from sharing stuff you are emotionally attached to or something overly expensive.
  • Do not get offended by people who post something that you do not like. If you hate something, do not comment negatively, rather report that post.
  • Please protect your password. Your password is your responsibility.
  • For better and safer transactions, always ask for collateral in advance.
  • No exchange of money is allowed. Anyone offering or demanding monetary benefits is to be reported.
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