Badlee Frequently Asked Questions

We at Badlee believe in helping everyone, after all this is what we always wanted, so here we are with some of the frequently asked questions that people usually have about Badlee.

What is badlee?
It is an application which targets to help the community to get maximum usage of their stuff and commodities. because every penny saved is a penny earned.

Why do i use badlee, when i can ask for things on Social Network giants like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc?
Yes you may ask for things on all of these on such social platforms, but here in lies the question of exclusivity. On Badlee, a person if comes online only comes for the purpose of commodity lending and borrowing. P.S. Photos can also be uploaded on Facebook and Chats can also be done there, But still we use Instagram and WhatsApp for the respective purposes just to enhance our experiences.

What about the security of stuff I lend to others?
When ever you Lend something to someone, the security is upon you. We encourage that you should always lend your stuff to only those who you personally know and have met. Helping is good, but with caution.

Can I charge someone for Lending my stuff?
Though our platform does not encourage and support renting your stuff, what we encourage is a non monitory exchange, lending and borrowing of stuff.

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