Hey there reader, Congratulations!

You’re one of those 3.2 billion people in the world, who have got access to Internet service. Luckily you have a screen in front of you, on which, you’re able to see this content. That simply means, you have access to all the basic human necessities.

We started with a mission to solve a problem, and in the go we encountered a series of problems that almost every individual goes through, i.e.

  • Increase in carbon footprint.
  • Need to buy things for once, twice or infrequent usage.
  • Things not being fully Utilised.
  • No-one is able to experience almost everything.
  • Lack of real life socialising.
  • Wastage of resources.
  • Unnecessary expenses on things. 

We decided to act then and there, We then created Badlee a social networking app where users can enjoy lending and borrowing their pre owned things in their own community. A user if has got something to share can post it on Badlee for lending, if needs something can ask for it and also they can just flaunt their things on Badlee.

A society where we can categorise people in two classes. One with surplus supply of commodities and then those who are with the deficit. We believed in creating a system that could bridge this gap.

Lets all of us admit that we all need a community. There’s no point and no fun in being independent, We ain’t living in a jungle. We’ve homo sapiens in our surroundings, whom we should not have any embarrassment in asking for something to share. It’s time to get interdependent, we all can have it, we all can experience it, we all should share it.

Remember your school days? When you used to borrow books, toys, games, etc from your friends and lend yours. This surely made your childhood easy and fun.

In school there was a small group of pals and a limited number of things to share. But Now there are thousands of people in your community with hundreds of thousands of useful commodities that you may want to use.

We at Badlee strive upon providing our members the best possible means to connect with other people who share the similar interest of lending and borrowing their pre owned commodities with one another for a period of time as desired by their mutual consent. This would be facilitated by social media platform to enable better communication.

In a society that believes in saving, there is no better requisite to paying for things than simply Sharing.

Deal with anyone absolutely anything.

You use a Smartphone. Right? Now is the time to make smart choices.

Experience everything without purchasing.

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